Beautifl Terms of Use


Hey! Welcome to ( is provided by Beautifl Limited (you may know us as just ‘Beautifl’).  Beautifl Limited is a company registered in England under company number 11989943. Our registered office is at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

Understanding these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use set out (in easy to read and simple language) all the legal stuff you need to know about using  Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you use as it’s really important that you know all of your rights and responsibilities.

If you use, that tells us that you’ve read the Terms of Use and will comply them. 

Other Important Terms

If you use Beautifl to make bookings for Beauty Services, the Bookings Terms will also apply to your use of Beautifl and your BeautiPRO’s Important Booking Terms will form part of your contract with your BeautiPRO.

If you use Beautifl to buy Beautifl Hair or buy Beauty Downloads, the Beautifl Products Terms will also apply to your use of Beautifl.

If you’re a beauty professional (we’ll call you a ‘BeautiPRO’), the BeautiPRO Terms will also apply to your use of for taking bookings.

How can you use

We’ve made available so you can enjoy the following services and features (we’ll call them the ‘Beautifl Services’):


To make sure you have the best possible experience of the Beautifl Services and, sometimes we’ll update, the Beautifl Services and these Beautifl Terms.  

If we make major changes to, the Beautifl Services or these Beautifl Terms, we’ll tell you in advance by email or social media (unless it’s an emergency change).  If we make other changes, to avoid clogging your inbox we won’t tell you about them in advance but you can always find the latest Beautifl Terms on this page and details of the Beautifl Services on this page.  

If you use and the Beautifl Services after we’ve made changes, we’ll take that to mean you’re as happy with the changes as we are and that you accept them.  If you’re not happy with the changes, please get in touch at and we’ll do our best to fix the issue.

Sometimes we may remove or suspend some features of, or take the whole website down (we might do this to conduct routine maintenance to improve  We’ll do our best to keep disruptive changes to a minimum but we don’t guarantee that will always be available or that all features will always be working.  

We won’t be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by being unavailable or not working.

Every time you book Beautifl Services, the Beautifl Terms on on the date of your booking will apply. 

Relying on Information and Guidance

We’ve included lots of helpful information and guidance on our website.  When making decisions to make a booking or buy Beautifl Hair, you should also consider all other information available to you.  Although we’ve tried to make sure our information and guidance is accurate, we can’t guarantee its accuracy and so you must not rely on it.  

Registering for an Account

If you’d like to book Beauty Services on Beautifl, you’ll need to be 18 (or over) and you’ll need to register and set up an account.  We use the information that you provide us in accordance with the Beautifl Privacy Policy.

During registration we’ll ask you to register your card details for the following reasons:

You must ensure that all the information you provide us during registration is accurate and complete. 

If you fail any of our checks or we believe your account is being used fraudulently, we have the right to suspend or cancel your account. 


You must keep your login details, password and other account information secure and confidential – don’t give anyone these details.  If you think your password or account has been hacked, let us know immediately by contacting us at 

Please don’t attempt to gain unauthorised access to any part of (i.e. hack to access a part of it that is not your account or a public area), or introduce any sort of computer virus or malicious code to 

If we think there is a security risk to (or caused by) your account, we may also suspend or delete your account.

Standards and Content

When using or the Beautifl Services, please abide by the standards set out in this section, which we call the ‘Beautifl Community Standards’.

You must not:

Some features of allow you to add content (for example, Beauty Downloads, photos, comments, videos, logos, reviews and linked social media feeds) to  If you upload content to, you agree that we can edit and/or publish that content on and use that content (including edited or derivative versions of it) for any reasonable and legal purpose, including posting it on our social media accounts and using it for marketing and promotions.

You must not upload content (including Beauty Downloads) that:

If you don’t comply with any of the Beautifl Community Standards, we may remove the content you’ve posted (if any), cancel any appointments you have, delete your Beauty Download and/or suspend or close your account. 

Intellectual property

You’re allowed to access and use to use the Beautifl Services.  

You must not change, broadcast, publish, copy, reproduce or quote from any part of except where you are using small sections to promote or review on your social media account, and you acknowledge or attribute in your promotion or review.

Beautifl owns all intellectual property rights in and to, and all intellectual property rights generated by your use of

You must not extract software or content from, or otherwise copy anything from (or about) Beautifl, except where we’ve expressly said so in these Beautifl Terms.

Trade marks

We own all rights in and to the domain name, the name “Beautifl”, our logo and all other trade names of Beautifl.  You’re not allowed to use any of them without our permission.

Linking to our Website

You can link to any page of, as long as:

You must not link to from any website that contains obscene or adult material, or is otherwise offensive or unlawful.  

Associating with

Please don’t associate yourself with or give the impression that you have a legal or contractual relationship with us or that we have endorsed or approved you or your products if we have not. 

Communicating with BeautiPROs

If you’d like to contact a BeautiPRO to discuss a Beauty Service, making a booking or an existing booking, please use Beautifl’s messaging platform to do so.  The only exception to this is if you need to contact your BeautiPRO urgently about your booking, for example, if you’re at the location of your appointment and can’t find it or if you need to cancel on extremely short notice.

If you use any other platform to communicate (for example, social media, texts or emails), it will be more difficult for us to obtain evidence of your arrangements or to support you if you have an issue with your Beauty Service that you’d like assistance with resolving.

Third party content and third party websites

You may see adverts on our website that are advertising goods and services that come from another company, not Beautifl.  You’ll be able to tell they’re not Beautifl’s as they won’t have our logo or name ‘Beautifl’ and will instead have the logo and trademark of the other company.  We don’t control these adverts, as they are shown to you because you’ve agreed on another website to allow Cookies. We’re not responsible for those adverts. may contain links to other websites.  If you click on a link to another website, we’re not responsible for that website or for any information on it or any goods or services you might buy from it.  Once you click through to a third party website, these Beautifl Terms will not apply.

Circumstances outside of our control

We won’t be responsible if is not available or if we cannot perform our obligations or if we are delayed in performing our obligations, in each case, because of events outside of our reasonable control.  These include strikes, failures of third party systems or networks, failure of third party suppliers, acts of god, natural disasters, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, deliberate sabotage of or malicious damage to equipment or data or for damage to or destruction of premises or equipment.  

If any of these things happen we’ll try to reduce the impact on you and will keep you updated on the status of or your Beautifl Hair. 

Effect of an Unenforceable Term

If any of these Beautifl Terms are determined by a competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, that term will be treated as being deleted from the Beautifl Terms, and the rest of the Beautifl Terms will continue to be valid.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to a visit to and/or the use of the Beautifl Services.  

These Beautifl Terms are governed by English law.

Getting in touch

If you’d like to get in touch you can email us at  If you’d like to write, you can send letters to 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.