Black Lives Matter

The tragic death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others have now awakened the world to the everyday (and often casual) reality of racism and inequality. At Beautifl we support all measures to eradicate racism from society.  But eradicating racism will not solve inequality. It’s not good enough to tell each other that we should not be treated adversely because of our skin colour, whilst we live in a societal and economic system that makes it impossible for many to overcome the system legacy of racism. Inequality is the child of racism and without addressing inequality caused by racism, we cannot truly eradicate racism.

Our Vision

At Beautifl, we believe that we can move towards societal and economic equality through economic empowerment. We want to empower black people with the tools to manage a beauty business successfully and achieve economic prosperity for the community.  The 20 year old who is able to run a successful beauty business from their home will one day open their own salon and employ others in the community. That salon will expand into 2 and then 3, and then they’ll diversify into branded beauty products designed specifically to nurture our beautiful hair and skin.  The next generation will learn that economic success within the community is possible and achievable and will be inspired to aim for it themselves.

How do we help

We want to support this journey and Black Lives Matter by offering our platform for free, and sharing our profits with our beauty professionals.  Each time a client buys Beautifl Hair from us, we’ll pay the stylist a commission.  For a part-time stylist doing 5 appointments a week, this could be as much as an additional £75 a week or £300 a month, or £3600 a years just from using Beautifl to schedule appointments.

Our mission is not only to run a successful business ourselves, but to support and nurture the beauty businesses of others in the community. In the coming months we’ll be launching partnerships with various business programmes aimed at providing beautypreneurs with the support they need to establish and successfully run a beauty business.

Black Lives Better

Black Lives Matter is about taking a stand to fight racism but it’s also about supporting the growth of black business so as to reduce inequality.

Beautifl supports Black Lives Matter and is working hard so that our system can help make Black Lives Better.