Booking & Product Terms

These Booking & Product Terms below set out all the legal stuff you need to know about booking hair and beauty services through (we’ll call those services ‘Beauty Services’), and also buying hair products (bundles, wigs, closures and frontals) (Beautifl Hair) and Beauty Downloads from  Please read these Booking & Product Terms carefully before you book Beauty Services or buy Beautifl Hair or Beauty Downloads as it’s really important that you know all of your rights and responsibilities.

Booking Beauty Services

Beauty Services are provided by BeautiPROs and not by Beautifl.  BeautiPROs are self-employed professionals and do not work for or represent Beautifl.  Your contract for the Beauty Services you book through Beautifl is between you and your BeautiPRO, and your BeautiPRO is responsible for providing your Beauty Service.  

Beautifl is a booking agent (a commercial agent) in the booking process. If you pay for Beauty Services on (whether you pay the whole price or just a Deposit), Beautifl accepts the payment (as a commercial agent) on behalf of the BeautiPRO and Beautifl will pass that money to the BeautiPRO.  

It’s really important that you take care when booking a BeautiPRO and whilst you are having your Beauty Service.  You should be vigilant about your safety, your belongings and your personal information.  

Although we have taken care to vet our BeautiPROs and the content on their pages, we don’t guarantee that the content on their pages are correct or that all photographs are an accurate representation of what the result of your Beauty Service will be.  It is possible that despite your BeautiPRO using professional skill and care, the result of your Beauty Service is different to the pictures. This could be, in the case of Lace Wigs, because you’ve used a different type of lace or adhesive to the model.  Similarly, in the case of makeup, this could be because you’ve different skin tone to the model or different quality makeup products have been used. 

We don’t recommend any BeautiPROs and when you book a BeautiPRO you are doing this at your own risk – this means that if your Beauty Service is not as you expected, your BeautiPRO will be responsible for rectifying the issue and not Beautifl.  However, we are always on hand to provide help and guidance with addressing issues that arise with Beauty Services at

Making a Booking

Before you press ‘Book Now’ please make sure you’ve read all of the information on the BeautiPRO’s page about the Beauty Service, the BeautiPRO and their facilities.  Please read the Important Booking Terms so you fully understand the terms on which your Beauty Service will be provided. 

Please note that when you agree to the Important Booking Terms, you agree that if the circumstances described in those Important Booking Terms arise, the consequences described in those Important Booking Terms will apply. For example, if the Important Booking Term says there is a fee for late arrival, you agree to pay that fee.  Similarly, if the Important Booking Term says the BeautiPRO may cancel and charge a Cancellation Fee if you are late, they have the right to cancel and charge you a Cancellation Fee.

Once you are happy, make a payment to secure your booking.  Once you’ve made your payment, we’ll send you a booking confirmation email confirming your appointment on behalf of the BeautiPRO. 

The contract between you and the BeautiPRO only comes into effect when we send the booking confirmation.

Your contract with your BeautiPRO

Once we have sent you a booking confirmation, your BeautiPRO has entered into a legally binding contract with you.  The terms of that contract include:

  • the details of the appointment as set out in the booking confirmation, including the price, date, time, location and service;
  • that BeautiPRO’s Important Booking Terms;
  • Beautifl Community Standards;
  • Beautifl Lace Commandments;
  • these Booking Terms including the Cancellation Policy; and
  • various legal protections that you are entitled to at law, including an obligation for your BeautiPRO to perform your Beauty Service with reasonable skill and care (i.e. the BeautiPRO will not be negligent when they perform your services).

Your contract with your BeautiPRO is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Waiting List

If an appointment is not showing in a BeautiPRO’s calendar as being available, you can join the Waiting List for that BeautiPRO for that date.  If a slot becomes available for that service on that date, Beautifl will send you (and everyone else on the Waiting List) a link, at the same time and by email, telling you that the slot is available.   Clicking the link will take you directly to the payment page for that slot.  

Please note that once you book a Beauty Service from the Waiting List, all of the Beautifl Terms & Conditions will continue to apply, including the Cancellation Policy.  

The slots emailed to those on the Waiting List are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

If you receive an email from the Beautifl Waiting List, this is not a guarantee that you have the appointment.  Your appointment is only confirmed when you’ve paid (either a deposit or in full) and receive a booking confirmation.


At the check-out you’ll have the option to make a ‘Full Payment’ or ‘Deposit’.  If you choose to ‘Full Payment’, you’ll have nothing else to pay for at your appointment, unless one of the Important Booking Terms applies (such as a late arrival fee), in which case you’ll need to pay for the extras on the day of your appointment.  

If you choose to pay a deposit, you’ll need to pay the balance of the price of your Beauty Service at your appointment, plus any extras (such as a late arrival fee).  

The deposit you pay is non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule; this is because when your stylist accepts your appointment they set aside time for your booking on that day and at that time, which they may find it difficult to fill if you cancel.  The deposit partially compensates the stylist for the loss of earnings from your appointment, and also partially covers their time in performing wig customisation work prior to your appointment.

Your BeautiPRO’s Important Booking Terms specify how they wish to receive payment (card, cash, bank transfer) for your Beauty Service.  Please do read this carefully as your BeautiPRO has the right to refuse to provide your Beauty Service if you are not able to demonstrate that you have the means to pay prior to receiving your Beauty Service.

The BeautiPRO is responsible for accounting for VAT on the total value of the order, where applicable. Beautifl does not charge you VAT on orders as the Beautifl Services are provided by the BeautiPRO, not by Beautifl.

Cancellation Policy

If you’d like to cancel an appointment you’ve booked, our Cancellation Policy applies.

If your BeautiPRO cancels your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, please let us know by emailing We monitor the cancellation and rescheduling practices of our BeautiPROs and will remove BeautiPROs who persistently cancel or reschedule on short notice.

If you have paid in full in advance of your appointment and your appointment does not go ahead for any reason, you must tell us immediately by using the ‘Request Refund’ form in your dashboard. You can find this form by clicking into the order information for a booking, under the ‘Bookings’ tab, in your dashboard.

Cancellation Fee

When you book an appointment and provide us with your card details, you agree to authorise Beautifl to send instructions to the financial institution (for example, a bank or building society) that issued your card to allow us to take payments from your card account in accordance with our Cancellation Policy  Please note that this authorisation will allow us to charge you Cancellation Fees if you don’t show up to an appointment or cancel less than 15 minutes before your appointment, and in each case, only where your booking price is more than £30.

At Your Appointment

You must:


If you’ve a health or physical condition that you think could impact your Beauty Service or might require your BeautiPRO to take special steps to keep you safe or comfortable, you must tell your BeautiPRO.  For example, if you have any allergies to products or have a physical disability.  You must not attend your appointment if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. Full details on our Covid-19 guidance is available [here].

Your BeautiPRO is entitled to cancel your appointment if you tell them (or if they discover or reasonably suspect) that you have a health condition (including Covid-19) that would require them to take extra steps to keep you safe or comfortable and that they cannot reasonably take at your appointment.  If your BeautiPRO cancels for this reason, you will not be charged a Cancellation Fee and your deposit will not be refunded. If you paid in full, you will be refunded the booking price less the deposit.

Your responsibilities

We’ve included lots of helpful guides and information on the website.  However, some of the contents are rules and instructions for using Beautifl and receiving Beauty Services.  These rules and instructions are the Important Booking Terms, Beautifl Lace Commandments and the Beautifl Lace Guide.  

It’s really important that you read and understand these before you book an appointment as these form part of your contract with Beautifl and also your contract with your BeautiPRO. If you don’t follow the instructions (or otherwise comply with them) Beautifl and your BeautiPRO have the right to cancel your appointment, suspend or delete your account.


If you’re unhappy with your Beauty Service, you should discuss it with your BeautiPRO and see whether a resolution to the issue can be agreed.  If you’re unable to resolve the matter with your BeautiPRO within 14 days, email us at with details of the Beauty Service, the issue and also any evidence you have of the dispute.  We’ll then contact the BeautiPRO and attempt to resolve the issue.  

If we’re not able to resolve the issue, we may (only if we choose to) make a goodwill gesture of our choice; for example, we may issue you with a refund for some or all of the cost of your Beauty Service or issue you with a discount coupon for a future Beauty Service.  Please note that we have no obligation to make any goodwill gesture or provide any refund or issue any discount coupon. 

Buying Beautifl Products

We’ll refer to Beautifl Hair and Beauty Downloads as ‘Beautifl Products’. Please read this section carefully before you buy Beautifl Products as it’s really important that you know all of your rights and responsibilities.

We try to make sure that all information on, including descriptions and prices of Beautifl Products are correct all of the time.  Unfortunately we may sometimes make a mistake. If we make a mistake and it has affected your purchase of Beautifl Products, we’ll rectify it as soon as possible.  This may include, at our choice, sending you the correct items or charging you the correct price.  

Descriptions and Availability

To help you with choosing which Beautifl Hair product is best for you, we have included photographs of models wearing Beautifl Hair, and also photographs of Beautifl Hair against a plain background.  However, the following factors may impact your Beautifl Hair experience:

Your Contract with Beautifl

When you place an order by putting an item in your cart and submitting payment, that order is an offer to Beautifl to buy that item from Beautifl.  When we receive your order, we’ll send you an email telling you we have received your order. This email will confirm what you’ve ordered and of the order is for Beautifl Hair, confirm what type of shipping you’ve selected.

If your order is for Beautifl Hair and your item is in stock, we’ll dispatch your order and send you an email telling you that we have dispatched it.  This email will tell you what we have shipped and where to.  

If your order is for a Beauty Download, your order confirmation will contain a link for you to log in and view your Beauty Download. If you view your Beauty Download, you agree that you no longer have the right to cancel the purchase of the Beauty Download.

We accept your order (and our contract only comes into effect) when we dispatch your order of Beautifl Hair, or in the case of Beauty Downloads, when we send you a confirmation email containing a link to view the Beauty Download.  We may not accept your order if we identify an issue, for example, the item being out of stock.

We have the right to refuse to accept an order. If a Beautifl Hair product is not available we’ll email you to let you know.


All prices and charges are shown in UK pounds sterling (£).


We may offer promotional offers and discounts on purchases of Beautifl Products.  We have the right to change or withdraw these at any time.  

You can only use one promotional offer or discount per order.  

You can only use a discount or promotion before its expiry date.


Standard Delivery – We aim to deliver within 5 working days.

Express Delivery – We aim to deliver orders placed before 3 pm within 1 working day.

Delivery to Your BeautiPRO

At checkout you can choose whether to have your Beautifl Hair shipped to you or directly to your BeautiPRO.  

If you choose to have it shipped to your BeautiPRO, we’ll send you an email once it has been delivered to your BeautiPRO.  When you choose to have your Beautifl Hair delivered directly to your BeautiPRO, your BeautiPRO will accept the Beautifl Hair on your behalf.  This means that for the purposes of exercising your legal rights, you’ll be treated as having received the Beautifl Hair when your BeautiPRO does.  You are responsible for what happens to the Beautifl Hair once it’s been delivered to your BeautiPRO (this includes delivery to a neighbour, post office or to your BeautiPRO’s nominated safe place).

We aim to deliver within the timeframes we have set out above, but you should allow additional time before your appointment (or before the date your BeautiPRO requires your hair).

During busy periods deliveries may take longer.

We can’t deliver on Bank Holidays – so please allow an extra working day for orders sent by Standard Delivery during UK Bank Holidays.

Lost Parcels and Failed Delivery

We’ll investigate missing parcels if your order fails to arrive within 10 working days after dispatch.  If your items have not arrived within this time please let us know by contacting us at

Please take care when entering your delivery address.  If we deliver to an address that you provided but that address was incorrect (incorrectly typed or you don’t live or work there) we won’t be responsible.  We won’t be responsible if we cannot deliver to an address because you typed it incorrectly.  

For hygiene reasons, we seal all Beautifl Hair products.  Your right to cancel does not apply once you or your BeautiPRO has broken the seal on any Beautifl Hair.  

Beauty Downloads

Once you have purchased a Beauty Download you will be able to view it by opening the ‘Beauty Downloads’ tab in your dashboard, for 3 months. After the expiry of 3 months you will no longer have access to the Beauty Download.

You must not:

Returns & Refunds

You have the right to cancel your order for Beautifl Hair within a period of 14 days on the day after the day you (or your BeautiPro) receives your Beautifl Hair.  If you’d like to cancel, you can use our Returns Form or email us at

Once you have purchased a Beauty Download, you will no longer have the right to cancel within 14 days, unless the Beauty Download does not match the description we have provided or it is not fit for a purpose we have described.

Click here to view our Returns & Refunds policy in full.