How much is Beautifl?

It’s free to use for clients. We don’t charge BeautiPROs a subscription fee, but we take a 4% fee on each appointment booking (deducted from the money paid to BeautiPROs) to cover our website running costs.

Can I get a refund for my beauty service? 

Beautifl will refund what you’ve paid if your BeautiPRO cancels.  Full details are available on our Refunds & Returns page. 

Can I return Beautifl Hair?

Yes, you have a right to return Beautifl Hair if you tell us within 14 days after you or your BeautiPRO receive the hair, and you send it to us within 14 days after telling us you’re returning it. Full details are available on our Refunds & Returns page. 

How do I cancel a service? 

Log in to your dashboard, find the service under the ‘Bookings’ or ‘Client Bookings’ tab (if you’re a BeautiPRO) and press the Cancel button.

Is there a Cancellation Fee if I cancel?

If a client cancels an appointment less than 15 minutes before the appointment, or is more than 20 minutes late, and the appointment overall cost £35 or more, the BeautiPRO is entitled to charge a Cancellation Fee of £25. Find full details in our Cancellation Policy.

Can I reschedule a service? 

Unfortunately our system doesn’t support rescheduling in the beta phase, but we are working on adding this feature to the site soon.  In the meantime, you’ll need to cancel and re-book for another day. 

Do BeautiPROs work for Beautifl?

No, they are all freelance or independent businesses that use Beautifl as a scheduling tool.

How can I contact my BeautiPRO?

You can press the ‘Contract BeautiPRO’ button on your dashboard or go to your BeautiPRO’s profile and press the ‘Message BeautiPRO’ button.

Can I contact Beautifl about my appointment?

Your BeautiPRO has all of the information about your appointment not Beautifl. If you are due to have your appointment and are unable to contact your BeautiPRO, you can contact us and we can assist you with getting in touch with your BeautiPRO.

How can I contact Beautifl?

You can email us at hey@beautifl.com or call us on 0203 488 6204 or Whatsapping us on +447507317331.