About Us

Hey beautiful person, I’m Chioma, the founder of Beautifl. Thanks so much for visiting the site and taking a few moments to read this page.  I wanted to share my journey with you and also the story of the inspirational young beauty entrepreneurs who inspired and motivated me to build a system to help them manage their business.

The Motivation

Beautifl started life in April 2019 as simply a thought – ‘where can I get my nails done like the Instagram girls?’. I was having a career break at the time and thought, ‘there’s got a to be a better way to find people than trawling through hashtags’ – perhaps I can do this? ….

The (First) Vision

At first I thought I wanted to create a beauty directory for Instagram stylists. I began to book appointments with Instagram stylists and make up artists (MUAs) to talk to them about how a platform like mine could help. I realised very quickly that they didn’t need my platform for marketing. These inspirational, entrepreneurial women were (very) successfully marketing themselves on Instagram.


As I spoke to stylists and MUAs, I realised that there was something they did need – a better booking system.  One that was specially tailored to the black Instagram-based beauty industry they had created themselves. A booking system that understood the intricacies of black beauty appointments – whether it’s the process of buying hair and posting it to your stylist, or posting your wig to a stylist for them to revamp it, or helping to manage DMs from clients asking whether there’s a waiting list.  I spoke to stylists about the high rate of no shows because clients forgot appointments or weren’t scared to lose their deposit. 

I researched over 250 Instagram profiles, taking notes on which services they offered and their booking terms and conditions. I found many had terms on their booking sites, but clients often missed these terms in the ‘small print’, leading to upset and confusion. 

The Inspirational Young Women

When I started on this journey I didn’t know much about the industry but I met women who’d overcome numerous personal and life challenges to work hard and establish successful beauty businesses. They were kind and generous with their time. They talked with me about my ideas, talked to me about the challenges they faced with their booking systems, and helped me design a system to meet their needs. They introduced me to the highest quality hair vendors, and showed me how to identify and source luxury virgin bundles and lace systems. Their success inspired me, their generosity with their time humbled me, and I am immensely thankful to them all.

The Beta Version

It’s taken over a year of challenges, stops and starts for our beta testing version of the site to be ready but we’re here. It’s a free booking system tailored for booking black hair and beauty appointments online.  Each of our unique features is a response to a specific problem raised by many clients or beauticians. A full list of our features is available here.

The Future

This is the beta version of our site and so there may be be some glitches. Thanks very much for your patience as we learn from the feedback you provide and improve our platform.

Welcome to our journey; I really hope you enjoy the experience as much as I am!

Chioma x