Refunds & Returns

We think you’ll love our Beautifl Hair, Beauty Downloads and the services offered by BeautiPROs but we know that sometimes plans change.  We have set out the refund options below.

Can I have a refund of my deposit for a Beauty Service if it was cancelled?

Yes, but only if your BeautiPRO has cancelled your appointment.  Otherwise, deposits for Beauty Services are non-refundable.  

Can I reschedule instead of cancelling?

No, you will need to cancel the original appointment and book a new one, and pay a new deposit.

If I paid in advance for my Beauty Service can I have a refund if it was cancelled?

If your Beauty Service is cancelled by you less than 15 minutes before your appointment, you can have a refund of your payment, except for your deposit. If your service cost £35 or more, your BeautiPRO may also charge you a Cancellation Fee of £25.00, which will be deducted from your refund.

Can I have a refund for my Beauty Service if I’m unhappy with the Beauty Service?

If your BeautiPRO has provided a poor quality Beauty Service they may be in breach of their contract with you and you may be entitled to compensation under statutory laws.  However, Beautifl is not responsible for providing you with compensation or refunds in this situation, your BeautiPRO is.

If you’re unhappy with your Beauty Service, you should discuss it with your BeautiPRO and see whether a resolution to the issue can be agreed.  If you’re unable to resolve the matter with your BeautiPRO within 14 days, email us at with details of the Beauty Service, the issue and also any evidence you have of the dispute.  We’ll then contact the BeautiPRO and attempt to resolve the issue.  

If we’re not able to resolve the issue, we may (only if we choose to) make a goodwill gesture of our choice; for example, we may issue you with a refund for some or all of the cost of your Beauty Service or issue you with a discount coupon for a future Beauty Service.  Please note that we have no obligation to make any goodwill gesture or provide any refund or issue any discount coupon. 

Can I exchange Beautifl Hair?

Sure, so long as:

Can I have a refund of Beautifl Hair?

Sure, so long as:

If you want to cancel your order and you’ve opted to have your hair delivered to your BeautiPRO, you should contact your BeautiPRO immediately and ask them not to open or break the seal on any of your Beautifl Hair.  

If you’d like to cancel you need to tell us in writing either email to or by completing our Returns Form.

You must return the Beautifl Hair to us in its original packaging, as soon as possible after telling us you want to cancel.  We won’t accept returns received more than 14 days after the date you told us you wanted to cancel. 

Returns should be sent to Returns Team, Beautifl, PO Box 76575, SE15 9JB.

If you return Beautifl Hair to us, we won’t be responsible for any loss or damage to them during transit and we recommend that you use a recorded or secure delivery method. If the Beautifl Hair lost in transit, we won’t refund you the price of the Beautifl Hair.  If the Beautifl Hair is damaged in transit, we’ll deduct the cost of the damage from the amounts we refund you. 

Can I cancel my Beauty Download and receive a refund?

Once you have purchased a Beauty Download, you will no longer have the right to cancel within 14 days, unless the Beauty Download does not match the description we have provided or it is not fit for a purpose we have described.

We won’t accept any returns except as we’ve set out in this section and as required by English law.  Nothing in this section affects your statutory rights.

Can I cancel my Postal Service and receive a refund?

When you order a Postal Service your BeautiPRO will start your service as soon as possible. We will not be able to refund your Postal Service if your BeautiPRO has started your service.

Can I have a refund if my BeautiPRO does not complete my Postal Service?

Yes. We will refund you if your BeautiPRO does not complete your services within 28 days after you booked.