Do you have a secret highlight and contour technique that you want to charge for? Do all your followers always ask what your secrets are to laying a frontal so flat? No more relying on YouTube views and subscribers. Upload your content to Beautifl and sell it directly to your followers. Your content is worth it, charge for it!

How it Works

Step 1

Set up your BeautiPRO account by clicking ‘Sign Up for Free’ below. Once you’re on your dashboard, click ‘My Profile’ and complete your business name and any other info you want to tell people about!

Step 2

In your dashboard, click on “Beauty Content” then “Upload a Video”. Write a short description so your clients know exactly what they’re buying! Press “Upload”

Step 3

Get your unique URL by clicking “My Profile” then “My Unique URL”. Cut and paste the link into your bio on your socials then promote your video.

Step 4

Sit back and let the cash roll in! We’ll pay you each time someone buys access to your content. We take a 10% fee per purchase of your video.

Your content is protected

We don’t claim any rights over your content. It’s all your work and you control it. Our video platform is totally private and nobody can see your video unless they’ve paid and they’re logged in.