Terms for Pros


  1. Introduction
    1. These BeautiPro Terms below set out all the legal stuff you need to know about:
      1. using Beautifl’s unique bookings management system, BeautiPlanr, to take bookings, take payment for those bookings and send your clients automated reminders 
      2. providing BeautiPRO Services to clients who book using Beautifl.com. 
    2. Please read these BeautiPro Terms carefully before you use BeautiPlanr or provide BeautiPRO Services as it’s really important that you know all of your rights and responsibilities.
    3. When reading these BeautiPRO Terms, we sometimes say “we”, “our” or “us” – these mean Beautifl.  When we say “you”, we mean the sole trader or incorporated company that is using Beautifl.com to use Booking Services and provide BeautiPRO Services.  When you open a BeautiPRO account you’re telling us that you’re not a consumer. 
    4. We also say “Please don’t” or “You’re not allowed to” do certain things.  We have written the BeautiPRO Terms this way to make them easier to understand, but, to be absolutely clear, you must not do any of those things and if you do, you’ll have breached the BeautiPRO Terms and we’ll have the right to suspend or delete your account. 
    5. In the same way, sometimes we say “Please do” or “It’s really important that you do” certain things.  Again, to be clear, you must do those things and if you don’t, we’ll have the right to suspend or delete your account.
    6. We’ve included a Quick Summary for easy reference but you must read all of the BeautiPRO Terms at least once.
    7. If you open a BeautiPro account, that tells us that you’ve read the BeautiPRO Terms and will comply with them. 
  1. Quick Summary
    1. You’re allowed to use Beautifl.com and the BeautyPlanr as long as you abide by these BeautiPRO Terms and pay the Beautifl Fee.
    2. You appoint us as your agent to accept payments on your behalf, but you’re responsible to your Clients for providing your BeautiPRO Services and not Beautifl.
    3. We’ll pay you the amounts we collect from Clients on your behalf on the dates that you chose on your dashboard.
    4. The Beautifl Cancellation Policy applies to all of your bookings, including Beautifl’s right to refund Clients for appointments you cancel or reschedule and Beautifl’s right to deduct these amounts from the amounts we pay you.
    5. You must comply with the Beautifl Community Standards, and treat all Clients with respect, courtesy and dignity.
    6. If a Client sends you their hair, you must treat the hair with reasonable care and, if the appointment is cancelled, be reasonable in arranging a time for the Client to come and collect it.
    7. We have the right to cancel your account if your use of Beautifl.com is unacceptable, this includes providing services to a persistently poor quality, persistently cancelling or rescheduling appointments disclosing your Clients’ confidential information.
  1. Our Relationship
    1. When you open a BeautiPRO account you appoint Beautifl as your commercial agent to take payment from Beautifl users and agree bookings for BeautiPRO Services on your behalf.  Although we take bookings for you, you’re responsible for providing the BeautiPRO Services and not Beautifl.  
    2. We’ll refer to the users who have made a booking with you as ‘Clients’. 
    3. If anyone (including your Client) suffers any loss or damage as a result of your BeautiPRO Services, you (and not Beautifl) are responsible (and liable) to that person (including your Client) for that loss or damage. 
    4. We’ll pay you the amounts we receive from your Clients as pre-payment for your BeautiPRO Services, minus our fees, at the times described in Section 7 (Paying You).
    5. You agree to pay the subscription fee described in Section 5 (Your Subscription) and to allow us to deduct a commission from amounts we pay to you, as described in Section 6 (Booking Fees)
    6. We are each independent contractors and nothing in this contract makes us partners, joint venturers or co-owners.
    7. This contract is personal to you so you can’t transfer (or assign) it to anyone else.
    8. Only you and Beautifl are parties to this contract.  This contract doesn’t give anyone else any rights and nobody else can enforce it.
  1. Stripe
    1. We use Stripe to provide the following payment processing on Beautifl.com:
      1. processing the payment of the deposit (or full price) when Clients book a BeautiPRO Service with you;
      2. processing the payment to you of cancellation fees charged to Clients that cancel or reschedule on short notice; and
      3. processing your payment of the monthly Beautifl subscription fee.
    2. In order for Stripe to process these payments, Stripe needs to open an account on Stripe’s platform for you.  Under English law, this means Stripe needs to be sure of your identity to check that you’re not being fraudulent or using the account for illegal purposes (for example, money laundering to support terrorism).
    3. To verify your identify, Stripe requires a copy of your passport or drivers license.  This information is not stored by Beautifl and is stored by Stripe. [Note: Check this with Stripe]
    4. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe uses best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security for your information.  More information about Stripe’s security standards is available here [ ].
  1. Your Subscription
    1. When you open a BeautiPRO account you’ll have a free trial period of 30 days to use the BeautiPlanr.  After the 30-day period ends, we’ll start to charge you for your use of the BeautiPlanr.  
    2. The fee for BeautiPlanr is £15 per month (we’ll call this the ‘Beautifl Fee’), which is taken from your payment card or chosen account each month.  
    3. Beautifl may increase the Beautifl Fee for BeautiPlanr.  If we do this, we’ll always tell you at least 30 days before the price increase takes effect so you can cancel if you don’t accept the new price.
    4. If you continue using BeautiPlanr after the new price takes effect, we’ll take that to mean that you’ve accepted the new price.  If you don’t accept the new price, please deactivate your BeautiPRO account after the expiry of the 30-day notice period.
    5. You’re allowed to use BeautiPlanr to accept bookings for BeautiPRO Services for so long as you’re paying the Beautifl Fee.  If you stop paying the Beautifl Fee or we can’t collect payment, we’ll suspend your account for 14 days.  If you haven’t paid after this time we’ll cancel your account. 
  1. Booking Fees
    1. Beautifl charges you a fee of £2 per booking.
    2. Stripe charges Beautifl a fee of 1.4% plus 20p per transaction, which we pass on to you.
    3. This means that on a £30 transaction, we charge fees of £2.62 and so we would pay you £27.38.
    4. If Stripe increases its fees, we’ll increase the fee we pass on to you by the same amount.
    5. The amounts left to pay to you (once we have deducted the Booking Fees), are your ‘Earnings’.
    6. We won’t charge you Booking Fees for Error Bookings (i.e. a booking that’s cancelled by the Client within an hour after being booked), or pay you any Earnings for Error Bookings.
  1. Paying You
    1. When you set up your BeautiPRO account, you gave us details of a bank account or card that would receive your payments.  You also chose the dates of the month that you want to receive your payments on (your Payment Date).  
    2. As well as your Earnings, we’ll also pay you any Cancellation Fees that have been credited to your account.
    3. If you cancelled any bookings (or rescheduled a booking to a time/date that was not accepted by the Client), we’ll deduct the payments for those bookings (which would be the deposit or, if the booking was fully paid for, the full value) from the amounts we pay you.  We’ll call these deductions ‘Cancellation Refunds’.  If at the time you cancel we’ve already paid you the Cancellation Refund, we’ll deduct it from the Total Payment we make to you on your next Payment Date.
    4. Your Earnings, plus Cancellation Fees, minus Cancellation Refunds are your Total Payment.
    5. On each Payment Date we’ll:
      1. send you an invoice showing your Earnings, Cancellation Fees, Cancellation Refunds and Total Payment for that month
      2. pay your Total Payment into the bank account or the card that’s registered to your account.
    6. Beautifl isn’t responsible for any consequences of the account details you provided us being incorrect.
    7. You’re responsible for all taxes on any amounts we pay to you, including income tax or corporation tax (depending on whether you’re an individual or a company).  You must pay all taxes that you’re required to by law.  If you’re unsure about whether you need to pay tax, please see a tax advisor.
    8. As you’re providing the BeautiPRO Services (not Beautifl), if you’re VAT registered it’s your responsibility to charge Clients VAT and provide them a VAT receipt.
  1. Your Responsibilities

You agree to:

  1. provide the BeautiPRO Services to the same (or better) standard as other beauty professionals that provide services that are the same as or similar to the BeautiPRO Services;
  2. abide by the Beautifl Community Standards;
  3. treat all Clients and Beautifl users with respect, courtesy and dignity;
  4. complete all bookings received through Beautifl.com except in the case of unforeseen situations that you could not have avoided (like sickness); 
  5. comply with all laws and regulations in the provision of the BeautiPRO Services and in your interactions with users (including marketing laws); and
  6. ensure you have all licences, consents, authorities, qualifications and insurance that you’re legally required to have as a provider of BeautiPRO Services. 
  1. Client Service
    1. We’ll monitor the reviews that Clients give you.  If your average review (on the basis of at least 5 reviews) falls below 2.5, we’ll send you an email to let you know.
    2. If your average review (on the basis of at least 10 reviews) remains at less than 2.5, we have the right to cancel your BeautiPRO account.
    3. We’ll monitor the number of appointments you reschedule or cancel each month.  If you persistently cancel or reschedule your appointments, and particularly if you do so on short notice (i.e. less than 48 hours), we’ll send you an email to let you know.  I
    4. f you continue to persistently cancel or reschedule appointments after our email, we have the right to cancel your BeautiPRO account.
  1. Your Contract with your Client
  1. When a Client makes make a payment to secure your booking, we’ll send the Client a booking confirmation email confirming your appointment on your behalf.
  2. The contract between you and the Client only comes into effect when we send the booking confirmation.
  3. The terms of that contract with your Client are:
    1. your Important Booking Terms;
    2. the Beautifl Community Standards;
    3. the Beautifl Lace Commandments (if they’ve made a Wig Service);
    4. the Beautifl Frontal Guide (if they’ve booked a Wig Service);
    5. the rights given to Clients in the Booking Terms (except for those responsibilities that are stated to be Beautifl’s responsibilities); and
    6. legal obligations that you have at law, including an obligation for you to perform your BeautiPRO Service with reasonable skill and care (i.e. you must not be negligent when you perform your services).
  4. Your contract with your Client is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  1. Important Booking Terms
    1. You have the option to select Important Booking Terms that will appear on your Beautifl profile page and will also be flagged to Clients when they are paying for their services.
    2. These Important Booking Terms form part of your contract with your Client so it’s really important that you read and understand them.
  1. Wig Appointments
    1. The BeautiPlanr allows you to set a minimum number of days that a Wig Service must be booked in advance (e.g. 4 or 5 days).  This means that when a Client looks at your calendar, there will be no Wig Service appointments available to book within the minimum booking time you’ve selected.  
    2. Your Client may message you to ask whether you can provide a Wig Service within the timeframe you’ve blocked out.  If you agree, this is an emergency appointment and you’ll need to enter it into your calendar yourself and send a payment link yourself by clicking the ‘Send a Payment Link’ button.  
    3. If you charge extra for emergency appointments you must include this in your Important Booking Terms otherwise the Client has no obligation to pay the extra fee.  
    4. If a Client books an emergency appointment, all of the Beautifl Terms and the BeautiPRO terms will apply as usual, including the Cancellation Policy.
  1. Waiting List
    1. If an appointment is not showing in your calendar as being available, a user can join your Waiting List.  If a slot becomes available, Beautifl will send all users on your Waiting List a link, at the same time and by email, telling them that the slot is available.   Clicking the link will take the user directly to the payment page for that slot.  
    2. Once a Client books a slot from the Waiting List, all of the Beautifl Terms and the BeautiPRO terms will apply as usual, including the Cancellation Policy.
    3. The slots emailed to those on the Waiting List are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 
    4. If you don’t want to use the Waiting List feature, you can set it to ‘Off’ in your dashboard.
  1. Payment
    1. At the check-out the Client has the option to ‘Pay in Full Now’ or ‘Just pay a Deposit’.  If they choose to ‘Pay in Full Now’, they have nothing else to pay for at your appointment, unless one of the Important Booking Terms applies (such as a late arrival fee), in which case they’ll need to pay you for the extras on the day of the appointment.  
    2. If they choose to ‘Just pay a Deposit’, they’ll need to pay you the balance of the price of the BeautiPRO Service at the appointment, plus any extras (such as a late arrival fee).  
    3. Except for Error Bookings, the deposit they pay is non-refundable if the Client cancels or reschedules.
    4. Your Important Booking Terms must specify how you want to receive payment (card, cash, bank transfer) for the BeautiPRO Service on the day of the appointment.  You have the right to refuse to provide your BeautiPRO Service if the Client is not able to demonstrate that it has the means to pay.
    5. You’re responsible for collecting any extra fees (such as a late arrival fee) from your Clients.
  1. Booking Errors

If a Client books an appointment and cancel within 1 hour after booking, we’ll refund their deposit and this amount will not form part of your Earnings.

  1. Cancellation Policy

You agree to the following rescheduling and cancellation terms:

  1. Cancellation or Rescheduling by the Client
  1. Once a Client has booked their appointment, they can cancel or reschedule, with no additional charge, at any time up to 48 hours before the appointment.  For example, if their appointment is at 5pm on Friday, they can cancel or reschedule for no additional charge, before 5pm on Wednesday.  If they reschedule their appointment, they’ll be required to pay another deposit to secure the new date.
  2. If they cancel or reschedule 48 hours or less before the appointment (and more than 1 hour after booking it), the Client will be charged a Cancellation Fee.  If they book an appointment that is due to take place within the next 48 hours, they still have 1 hour to cancel or reschedule free of charge and be refunded their deposit.
  3. The amount of the Cancellation Fee is as follows, depending on whether the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, and when:
    1. Cancellation:
      1. between 12 and 48 hours before your appointment – 30% of the booking price.
      2. less than 12 hours but more than 30 minutes before your appointment – 50% of the booking price
      3. less than 30 minutes before or they simply don’t show up – 80% of the booking price.  This means that, together with the deposit, you will receive the full value of the appointment.
    2. Reschedule
      1. between 12 and 48 hours before your appointment – no fee.
      2. less than 12 hours but more than 30 minutes before your appointment – 30% of the booking price
      3. less than 30 minutes before – 55% of the booking price.  This means that, together with the deposit, you’ll receive 75% of the value of the appointment.
  1. If a Client is more than 20 minutes late, you’re entitled to cancel the appointment and charge a Cancellation Fee of 80% of the booking price.  This means that, together with the deposit, you’ll receive the full value of the booking.
  2. If you cancel an appointment we’ll refund the Client’s deposit.  If the Client has arranged for hair (including Beautifl Hair) to be sent to you and they want to collect it, they will contact you to arrange this.  You must be reasonable in agreeing available times for the Client to collect the Beautifl Hair (or have it collected on their behalf).  
  3. The hair (including Beautifl Hair) that is sent to you for the Client’s appointment is the Client’s property.  You must take reasonable care of it and must not damage or destroy it.  If you’ve already started customising the hair, you must give it back to the Client in its current state.  You must return all of the Client’s hair to the Client.
  1. Cancellation or Rescheduling by You
    1. If you need to reschedule an appointment, you must try to reschedule to a date that is convenient for your Client.  
    2. If you and your Client cannot agree a new date,  the appointment will be treated as cancelled by you and we’ll refund the Client’s deposit.
    3. If a Client doesn’t follow the instructions (or otherwise comply with them) in the Important Booking Terms, Beautifl Lace Commandments and the Beautifl Frontal Guide, and this would result in a significant delay to your schedule or a poor quality finish, you have the right to cancel the appointment.  If you cancel the appointment in these circumstances:
      1. we won’t charge the Client a Cancellation Fee;
      2. if the Client has paid for the appointment in full, we’ll refund the amount of the appointment minus the Deposit; 
      3. if the Client has only paid a Deposit, we won’t refund the Client the Deposit.
  1. Health
    1. Check with your Client whether they have a health or physical condition that you think could impact your BeautiPRO Service or might require your BeautiPro to take special steps to keep you safe or comfortable.  For example, if they have any allergies to product or have a physical disability.  
    2. You’re entitled to cancel the appointment if your Client has a health or physical condition that you think could impact the BeautiPRO Service or might require you to take special steps to keep them safe or comfortable.
    3. If you choose to continue with the appointment, you do so at your own risk.
    4. If you cancel the appointment in these circumstances:
      1. we won’t charge the Client a Cancellation Fee;
      2. if the Client has paid for the appointment in full, we’ll refund the amount of the appointment minus the Deposit; 
      3. if the Client has only paid a Deposit, we won’t refund the Client the Deposit.
  1. Client Service and Complaints
    1. If users contact you on Beautifl, you must respond as soon as you reasonably can.
    2. If your Client is unhappy with your BeautiPRO Service or you’re unhappy with your Client, you should discuss it with your Client and see whether a resolution to the issue can be agreed.  You must do everything you can to resolve the issue professionally and amicably with the Client.  This may involve reducing the balance payable as a gesture of goodwill.
    3. If you’re unable to resolve the matter with your Client within 14 days, email us at unhappy@beautifl.com with details of the BeautiPRO Service, the issue and also any evidence you have of the dispute.  We’ll then contact the Client and attempt to resolve the issue.  
    4. If we’re unable to resolve the issue, we may (only if we choose to) make a goodwill gesture of our choice; for example, if your Client didn’t pay you, we may pay you for some or all of the cost of your BeautiPRO Service. Please note that we have no obligation to make any goodwill gesture or provide any payment. 
    5. You’re directly responsible to the Client for any issues with your BeautiPRO Services or for any legal liability which arises from your BeautiPRO Services, except where the liability is caused by Beautifl’s negligence.
  1. Your Profile Content & Prices
    1. You’re responsible for all of the information that is posted on your Beautifl profile page.  You must make sure that it is accurate, correct and not misleading.  Except for extras (such as late arrival fees) that are clearly listed in your Important Booking Terms, you cannot charge Clients more than the price of the BeautiPRO Service that is listed on your page and included in the booking confirmation.  
    2. If you’ve uploaded photos or connected an Instagram account, you must make sure that all photos are of your work and your clients. These photos cannot contain nudity, obscenity or depict or convey anything that is illegal or would harass, offend or promote violence or hate. 
    3. You can’t upload pictures of anyone that hasn’t consented to their picture being uploaded.
  1. Promotion and Photographs
    1. If you intend to take pictures of your Client to be uploaded to social media, and they can be identified from the picture (i.e. their face is partially or fully visible) you must get their permission to take and upload the picture.  It is best to do this by including the requirement for a picture in your Important Booking Terms.
    2. If you haven’t included it in your Important Booking Terms, ask your Client to send you a written confirmation via Beautifl Messaging before you post the picture.
    3. Even if your Client consented to having their picture taken, you must still allow the Client to change their mind.  If your Client wants to change their mind, they’ll need to do this in writing by sending you a message through Beautifl Messaging.
    4. We’ll monitor Clients who change their minds about their picture being posted and, if they do this frequently, suspend their accounts and their ability to book through Beautifl.
    5. If you post pictures without the Client’s permission (either because it wasn’t originally given or the Client later changes their mind), we’ll have the right to cancel your account.  
    6. We are aware that sometimes BeautiPROs provide services for influencers for free in exchange for promotion, posting pictures, being tagged etc.  We don’t recommend these arrangements but if you do, we recommend:
      1. clearly setting out all of the details of your arrangement in writing (preferably an email)
      2. including in the email full details of your arrangement such as:
        1. the date, time and location
        2. who is providing what (e.g. who is providing the hair)
        3. what the style will be
        4. what promotion is agreed, when and on what platforms (e.g. will the influencer post on a story or on their profile, will they tag you, will your service/hair be the only service being promoted in that post)
        5. what pictures you’ll post and what the influencer will post
        6. what happens if you disagree about what pictures can be posted
        7. what happens if the influencer is not satisfied with the result
        8. details of any payment (if any) and when (and how) the person receiving payment (either you or the influencer) will be paid; and
      3. requiring the influencer to respond to your email confirming whether your terms are agreed or not.
    7. In this section, a ‘Client’ includes an influencer that you’ve provided a free service to.
  1. Reviews
    1. All Clients who have completed a booking with you will be asked to leave an honest review of your BeautiPRO Service.  You can respond to the review on Beautifl.com but your response cannot be aggressive, rude, confrontational or threatening.  
    2. If you think a review is dishonest or malicious, flag the review using the button and tell us immediately by emailing unahppy@beautifl.com.  
    3. Please do not contact a Client outside of the Beautifl platform to respond to a negative review.
  1. Insurance
    1. When you provide a BeautiPRO Service, you’re carrying out a contractual obligation with your Client.  If you break that contract, for example by providing a poor quality service, your Client can take legal action against you.  
    2. We highly recommend that you take out insurance to cover any liabilities you may have, including the cost of defending claims brought by Clients (even Clients who are in the wrong).
    3. Beautifl is not responsible for arranging insurance for you.
  1. Qualifications
    1. We highly recommend that you join a professional body and get professional beauty qualifications for the BeautiPRO Services that you offer.
    2. The professional bodies and accreditation agencies we recognise are:
      1. British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC)
      2. Guild of Hairdressers
      3. Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA)
      4. City & Guilds
      5. VTCT World Class Qualifications
      6. Institute of Trichologists.
    3. Some BeautiPRO Services have a high risk of injury to Clients if they are not carried out safely.  For this reason, we’ll only allow BeautiPROs who are insured and qualified to provide the following services:
      1. Microblading
      2. False eyelash application
      3. Eyebrow Tattooing and Tinting
    4. If you’d like to offer these services, send us details of your insurance and your qualifications. We have the right to verify your qualifications with the accrediting body.
  1. Data Protection
    1. This section sets out legal obligations and information that we are required to include under data protection laws.  In this section, “controller”, “processor”, “data subject”, “personal data”, “personal data breach”, “process”, “processing” and “appropriate technical and organisational measures” have the meanings given to them in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    2. Each of us (i.e. you and Beautifl) must comply with the GDPR. 
    3. When a Client makes a booking, you’re the controller of the personal data contained in that booking confirmation, being the Client’s name, email address and telephone number.  Beautifl is the processor that processes that personal data on your behalf in order to confirm bookings.  When Beautifl processes personal data on your behalf, Beautifl will:
      1. process that personal data only as you’ve told us to in writing.  These BeautiPRO Terms are your written instructions to Beautifl;
      2. ensure that anyone authorised to process that personal data has agreed in writing to keep the personal data confidential (or is required to by law);
      3. take all measures required pursuant to Article 32 (Security of Processing) of GDPR;
      4. not appoint a new sub-processor to process that personal data or change a sub-processor without telling you and will give you an opportunity to object;
      5. if Beautifl does appoint a sub- processor, make sure that sub-processor agrees to the same obligations as are set out in this section 24.
      6. taking into account the nature of the processing, assist you by taking appropriate technical and organisational measures, as much as Beautifl can, to help you respond to requests from your Clients exercising their rights granted by Chapter III of GDPR (Rights of the Data Subject);
      7. vii.assist you in complying with your responsibilities set out in Articles 32 to 36 of GDPR, taking into account the nature of processing and the information available to Beautifl;
      8. viii.at your choice, delete or return all of that personal data to you within 90 days after your BeautiPRO account is closed (unless European Union or English law requires storage of the personal data), provided that nothing in this section requires Beautifl to delete or return information of which it is separately a controller;
      9. make available to you all information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations laid down in this section and allow for and contribute to audits, including inspections, conducted by you or another auditor chosen by you.
    4. The sub-processors appointed  by Beautifl are: [ ]
    5. Beautifl is separately a controller of all of the information a user provides to Beautifl (or that Beautifl collects about a user on Beautifl.com).  This means that each of us, i.e. you and Beautifl, are separately controllers of some of the same personal data, but we are not joint controllers.
    6. As a controller, each of us has obligations under GDPR to handle personal data in an accordance with the law.  In summary, you must keep the data secure, must not transfer it to anyone and should not use it for a purpose other than communicating with your Client about the BeautiPRO Service they have booked (all as explained in the Privacy Policy).  Further information about each of our obligations as controllers can be found here https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/in-your-sector/business/.
    7. If you become aware of any personal data breach (e.g. someone having unauthorised access to your Client personal data), you must tell us immediately after you become aware.
    8. Beautifl has promised its customers that the BeautiPROs will take care of their personal data.  You agree not to use Client personal data in any way that is not described in the Beautifl Privacy Policy.  In particular, you’re not allowed to provide personal details of Clients that you’ve acquired through Beautifl to any third parties, except third parties who are involved in providing the BeautiPRO Service to your Client (for example, if you operate with a partner who will provide a BeautiPRO Service on your behalf). 
  1. Term and Termination
    1. This contract comes into effect on the date you click ‘Sure, sign me up’ on Beautifl.com and continues until either of us cancels it.
    2. If you want to cancel, you can do this at any time by clicking the ‘Close my BeautiPRO’ account on your dashboard. If you cancel your subscription we won’t refund you for any pre-paid time.
    3. We can cancel this contract immediately if:
      1. you breach the Beautifl Community Standards
      2. you persistently cancel or reschedule bookings;
      3. we have reason to believe you’re using your account in a fraudulent, misleading or dishonest way
      4. you breach any laws using Beautifl.com or providing the BeautiPRO Services
      5. you breach your data protection obligations set out in these BeautiPRO Terms
      6. you breach your confidentiality obligations set out in these BeautiPRO Terms
      7. vii.you misuse Beautifl’s intellectual property
      8. viii.we cannot take payment for your Beautifl Fee for 14 days
      9. you commit any other serious breach of these BeautiPRO Terms
  1. We can also cancel this contract by giving you 7 days’ notice, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.  If we cancel this contract when you haven’t done anything wrong, we’ll refund you for any pre-paid time.
  2. Once your account is cancelled (by us or by you), your Beautifl Profile Page will be deactivated and you won’t be able to take any more bookings using the Bookings Service.
  3. Your dashboard and access to your calendar and data will continue to be available for 90 days after your cancellation to enable you to download your data and manage your final Beautifl bookings.
  4. If your account is cancelled, we’ll pay you any Total Payments owed to you (minus any amounts we’re entitled to withhold), within 30 days after your account is cancelled.
  1. Confidentiality
    1. The content of our interactions with you and your interactions with your Client, are both confidential.  By ‘interactions’ we mean any personal communication including emails, phone calls, SMS, social media messaging and messaging on Beautifl.  
    2. The personal information you have about your Clients is also confidential.  This includes their name, address, email, telephone number, social media details and their identity (e.g. photographs of them). Please don’t disclose or publish any confidential information to anyone except:
      1. where you need to tell your professional advisor (like a lawyer or an accountant)
      2. if you’re required to by law
      3. in the case of your Client’s confidential information, your Client has given you written permission to disclose information and you disclose or publish only the information they have given you permission to disclose (which may have been given by their acceptance of your Important Booking Terms), and only on the forum they have given you permission to disclose it.  For example, if your Client has agreed to their photograph being posted on your Instagram, you cannot also post their name.
  1. Our Liability
    1. This section sets out Beautifl’s liability to you in connection with the Booking Services and your use of the BeautiPlanr.  Everything set out in this Section is subject to your rights set out in Section 27.i.
    2. We exclude all warranties, terms, conditions and representations that might be implied by law in relation to Beautifl.com, the Booking Services and the BeautiPlanr.  
    3. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by your use of Beautifl.com, the Booking Services or the BeautiPlanr.  This includes any claims, loss, damage or inconvenience caused by:
      1. Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) being down or not working
      2. our suspension or deletion of your BeautiPRO account 
      3. your reliance on information or guidance set out on Beautifl.com
      4. Booking Services or the BeautiPlanr not being provided or available at all or not being provided to the standard you desire
    4. When you use Beautifl.com or BeautiPlanr, you do this at your own risk. We provide Beautifl.com (including the BeautiPlanr) “as is”.  We don’t guarantee that:
      1. Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) will always work as expected
      2. the information on or provided by Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) will always be accurate or complete
      3. your use of Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr)  will be uninterrupted 
      4. Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) doesn’t contain viruses or errors
      5. Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) will meet your specific requirements.
    5. We don’t accept any liability for: economic loss of any type; loss of income or revenue; loss of business; loss of profits; loss of anticipated savings; loss or corruption of data; loss of goodwill; lost deposits; obtaining substitutes for the BeautiPlanr or Booking Services; loss of opportunity; travel costs; or wasted time, in each case, whether direct or indirect.  We are not responsible for any indirect loss.
    6. Our total liability to you for any claim arising from or in connection with your use of the BeautiPlanr (including our processing of your personal data), and that we haven’t excluded elsewhere in these BeautiPRO Terms, is limited to 50% of the Booking Fees you paid us in the 12 months before the claim arose, minus any damages we have already paid to you at any time.  This limit does not apply to Total Payments that we owe you.
    7. It’s really important that you take precautions to minimise the impact to you of Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) not working or there being any errors or viruses on Beautifl.com or BeautiPlanr.  
    8. If a person (whether a company or an individual, including a Client) or a regulatory authority makes a claim against Beautifl, but that claim is caused by you breaching the Beautifl Terms or these BeautiPRO Terms (including your responsibility to comply with law), you’ll be responsible for reimbursing us for our recoverable losses resulting from that claim, including the cost of defending the claim, amounts paid to the claimant and/or to any other third party to settle the claim, and the cost of any fines imposed on Beautifl by a court or a regulator.  This section will apply even after your BeautiPRO account has closed.
    9. Nothing in this section or in the Beautifl Terms affects your statutory rights, and nothing in this section or in the Beautifl Terms limits or excludes or liability for our fraud, death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for anything else that cannot be excluded or limited under English law.
  1. Circumstances outside of our control
    1. We won’t be responsible if Beautifl.com (including BeautiPlanr) is not available or if we cannot perform our obligations or if we are delayed in performing our obligations, in each case, because of events outside of our reasonable control.  These include strikes, failures of third party systems or networks, failure of third party suppliers, acts of god, natural disasters, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, deliberate sabotage of or malicious damage to equipment or data or for damage to or destruction of premises or equipment.  
    2. If any of these things happen we’ll try to reduce the impact on you and will keep you updated on the status of Beautifl.com.
  1. Entire Contract
    1. Our contract with you is made up of the Terms of Use section (only) of the Beautifl Terms, the BeautiPRO Terms and the Beautifl Privacy Policy.
    2. Our contract with you constitutes the entire understanding between you and Beautifl concerning your use of the Booking Services and the BeautiPlanr.  Our contract supersedes all prior proposals, marketing materials, understandings, representations (whether negligently or innocently made), agreements and other written or oral communications between us on any medium (including social media).  
    3. You acknowledge that you haven’t relied upon, and will have no remedy (whether in equity, contract or tort (including negligence or negligent misstatement)) for any statement, representation or promise (whether negligently or innocently made) that is not expressly set out in this contract with you.
    4. Our contract cannot be changed unless that change is addressed specifically to you (by name), documented in writing and is signed by the Beautifl Head of Legal.  Any purported attempt to change any term of our contract in any other way is void and has no effect; this includes oral agreements and any terms you may include in an invoice or communication with us.
  1. Effect of an Unenforceable Term

If any of these Beautifl Terms are determined by a competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, that term will be treated as being deleted from the Beautifl Terms, and the rest of the Beautifl Terms will continue to be valid.

  1. Jurisdiction and applicable law
    1. The English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or related to a visit to Beautifl.com and/or the use of the Booking Services.  
    2. These Beautifl Terms are governed by English law.
  1. Complaints

If you find any content on Beautifl.com to be in any way offensive, obscene, defamatory, racist, harmful, inaccurate, illegal or deceptive in any way, please tell us by emailing us at unhappy@beautifl.com and we’ll do our best to fix the issue as soon as possible.

  1. Getting in touch
    1. If you’d like to get in touch you can email us at hey@beautifl.com.  If you’d like to write, you can send letters to Beautifl Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.
    2. If you have a specific legal issue you’d like to discuss or notice you’d like to provide, email us at legal@beautifl.com or send your correspondence to Beautifl Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

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